Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Between the Sheets Episode 11 "Spontaneous Orgasms, Motorhead Vibrators, Christian Porn, & Exploding Head Syndrome"

Our eleventh episode has been a long time coming: We explode onto the scene with spontaneous orgasms brought on by "magic" mushrooms, segue into Motorhead brand vibrators, how the Bible Belt views online porn more than anyone else in the country, how a pastor thinks sex is only for Christians and their kinky god, then take a left turn into exploding head syndrome and sleep paralysis, and close with a shout out to the wildly popular Tumblr: Things My Dick Does.

Ask us anything or send us weird news and we'll put it in the podcast (maybe):

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  1. this was amazing!your podcast has changed my life!i even wrote an article
    https://kovla.com/blog/smart-vibrators-that-bring-fifty-shades-of-fantasy-to-life/ about smart vibrators!thank you, i think you can use my info for your next podcast!enjoy